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AR/VR News: April Digest

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Traditionally, at the end of the month we are making an overview of the latest news in the AR/VR industry. 

We picked up the most exciting and important April news and announcements of new devices, and a bonus – an event about immersive technologies in the automotive industry.

Read on!

Digit of the Month

AR/VR Digest April Digit of the Month

A former founder and CEO of Foundation 9 Entertainment and seasoned game investor Jon Goldman created a venture fund called Tower 26 to invest in VR games and metaverse.

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Meta Announced VR Moonwalk Exhibit

Meta is cooperating with the Smithsonian on a new exhibit called “Future x Meta: Moonwalk” for exhibition “Future” to be held in the Smithsonian in May. The exhibition is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Apollo missions. 

To interact with the exhibit, visitors will have to put on a Meta Oculus 2 headset. They will see the lunar landscape, observe the Mars rover in action, and hear the astronauts’ conversations as if they were members of the aircrew.

Amazon May Be Creating an XR Device

According to Amazon’s job listing, the company is hiring engineers, who work with XR/AR  to create a revolutionized smart-home product.

As Extended Reality or XR combine features of Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Realities, a new device will be able to deliver an experience related to all of them.

10 Universities to Be Opened Inside the Metaverse This Fall

Engage XR together with VictoryXR to create twin digital campuses to open 10 universities and colleges in Metaverse called “Metaverities” across the US this Fall. 

With Meta 2 Quest headsets, students will be able to attend classes in real-time, divide into groups, and do project work just like in real classes. Also, virtual classes will take advantage of modern technologies to engage students in the learning process.   

AR/VR Digest April News Virtual classroom

XRHealthcare Brings AR/VR Autism Therapy to the US

A unique autism therapy created by an AR/VR healthcare company now will be available not only for autism spectrum disorder patients located in Australia but also in the US. 

The AR/VR platform covers various aspects from physical occupational therapy to behavioral health and offers a wide range of services such as in-personal meet-ups with XRHealthcare specialists and group sessions.

Snapchat Revealed a New AR Lens for Sign Language Practicing

A new ASL Alphabet Lens in Snapchat is designed to teach the basics of the American Sign Language Alphabet with the help of AR technology. It offers various interactive game modes to learn and practice the official ASL Alphabet while hand tracking technology controls gesture performance. 

The lens was built by a team of deaf and hard-of-hearing employees in Snap.Inc. 

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Using Facial Expressions to Control Interactions in VR

The scientists from Australia proposed to create a VR headset that will be controlled by emotions. They conducted an experiment where a group of people tried to do several tasks using three facial expressions — a smile, a frown, and clenched teeth.

This way of interacting with a VR headset will enable people who can’t use hand controllers to take advantage of the virtual environment.

Upcoming Events:

The Next Evolution of Automotive and Transportation

The founder of HQSoftware Sergei Vardomatski will take part in “The Next Evolution” event as a member of the panel discussion. The main topic of the event is related to applying immersive technologies to the transportation industry, where Sergei will share the company’s expertise in creating such solutions for the automotive industry. 

The event will be held online on May 4th. To register for the event, click here.

AR/VR Digest April The Next Evolution

Video of the Month:

The video is telling us about the features and technical components of breakthrough AR contact lenses from Mojo Vision.


Tools & devices:

Leniniao Opened Sales of New AR Smart Glasses

Chinese AR company Leniniao launched a new lightweight smart glasses after a successful debut at the Consumer Electronics Show 2022.

The glasses feature a large screen with high accuracy, bright color schemes, and connection to Android, Apple, and other operating systems via USB and to iPhones via an adapter. The company also offers personalized lens fitting depending on the eyesight of customers.

AR/VR Digest April AR Smart Glasses

Canon Announced a New XR Headset MREAL X1

A new XR device MREAL X1 is an upgraded version of the 2021 MREAL S1 model. The new model has an expanded field of view and display resolution. It helps users to view the entire area without having to move their head too much.

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Business Value
of AR in Media &

Business Value of AR in Media & Entertainment

How do modern businesses use AR to increase their revenues and outperform their industry competitors?

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