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AR/VR News: January Digest

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Welcome to our latest digest, and the first digest of 2022. Enjoy hand-picked news about the AR/VR industry, new devices and tools, and some rumors.  Every month we filter tons of resources to bring you the most interesting pieces.

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Digit of the Month

Digit of the month January digest

Entain, the leading global sports betting, gaming, and interactive entertainment operator, will launch a global innovation hub Ennovate. Ennovate will invest up to £100 million in innovation projects including AR/VR, start-ups, and collaborations.

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Event: METAVERSE 2.0 Webinar

Register to see the most revolutionary minds discuss the most disruptive ideas and insights of the metaverse concept, as well as best practices in the fields of entertainment and business. Topics also include NFTs, cryptocurrency, digital fashion, and others.


Explore and Wonder: Workplace Education in Virtual Reality — Interview with Sergei Vardomatski

Enjoy this interview with Sergei Vardomatski, the founder of HQSoftware, a VR tech and digital transformation provider.  In this interview, Sergei shares his knowledge about VR tech and dwells on the role of software developers in creating workplace education experiences in VR.


Business Value of AR in Media & Entertainment

How do modern businesses use AR to increase their revenues and outperform their industry competitors?

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South Korea Is Building Its Own K-Pop Metaverse

South Korean culture has a huge impact on Western countries: music, movies, series made in Korea are extremely popular around the world. Now, the country even relies on K-pop as it is one of the primary sources of gross national income. Blending this with technology, we receive a new national-grade product of interest – a K-pop metaverse.


We Met in Virtual Reality – film shot entirely in VRChat

Director Joe Hunting’s documentary shot entirely in VRChat, premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. The story revolves around two couples who met in VRChat and shows the surprising intimacy of a burgeoning cultural movement. To shoot this, Hunting used a special VRCLens camera.

News, We met in virtual reality - movie

Microsoft Acquires Activision Blizzard for Metaverse Development

This is the largest gaming acquisition to date. As the market rapidly changes to focus on immersive technologies, Microsoft has been buying some of the most influential companies in gaming to solidify its position. Now, the company’s objective is to take up some space in the metaverse market.


How Meta Will Monetize the Metaverse

Despite metaverse still being just a concept, this concept was worth enough for Facebook to change its branding and begin to develop its VR competencies.  The company knows already how to monetize the metaverse – in order to still generate revenue, Meta has to be exposed to new opportunities such as subscription models, ticketing, skins, SaaS, and others.

News, Meta and metaverse monetization

U.S. FTC Investigating Meta’s VR Unit Over Anti-competitive Practices

The FTC and a group of states led by New York have quizzed outside developers of Oculus apps as part of the inquiry. The officials investigate how Meta can use its market power in the VR space to stifle competition. Now Meta is the largest social media company with incomparable VR competencies, and the question is – does the Oculus app store discriminate against third parties selling apps that compete with Meta’s own software?


2022 Olympics Winter Games to Tap AR Solutions

China Unicom, a telecom partner of the 2022 Olympic Winter Games, has announced that it will improve the event with emerging technologies. Thus, it will debut a series of AR experiences for remote guidance for operations and maintenance teams that perform repairs. 

Also, the ICO partnered with a telecom company Docomo to provide selected spectators with Microsoft Hololens 2 headsets.


Video of the Month:

A Slush presentation by Benedict Evans – a technological researcher who unfolds the macroscopic trends of the tech industry.

Tools & devices:

The Concept of the First Apple VR Headset

Rumor has it that Apple develops its own VR and AR glasses, and some designers already have viable concepts. Just look at this beauty by Antonio De Rosa – maybe this is what a future headset will look like?

Tools and devices, Apple headset concept

Samsung Retires Gear VR

Oculus revealed, that Samsung phones will lose support for Gear VR once Android 12 lands via the One UI 4 update.


bHaptics Announces $299 VR Haptic Gloves

Since 2015, bHaptics has released a bunch of VR-ready haptic suits compatible with tons of games and apps. Now the company offers a cheaper opportunity to try on haptics – consumer-friendly gloves designed to use with compatible hand tracking systems like Meta Quest.


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Business Value
of AR in Media &

Business Value of AR in Media & Entertainment

How do modern businesses use AR to increase their revenues and outperform their industry competitors?

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