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The Growth and Evolution of the AR/VR Industry in Under a Decade – Interview with Chris Turnbull

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Of all the technology-based industries in our current economic market, the AR/VR world seems to be enjoying the most success. The global Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality market worth have reached 28 billion USD, and it is expected to cross over 250 billion USD by 2028. With such a rapid growth of this industry, one can’t help but wonder how did it all start and the journey it has taken AR/VR engineers on.

Chris Turnbull is one such engineer currently working as the PSM 4.0 industry advisor while also lending his skills and knowledge to the Metropolitan College. He is currently trying to merge the IT and Engineering departments so both can benefit from shared knowledge and the collaboration needed to excel in the world of AR/VR.

He started his apprenticeship at British Engines and worked there for eight years before competing in HNC in the field of mechanical engineering. Predominantly an engineer, Mr. Turnbull stayed true to his background and gained experience in using heavy machinery while also learning how to program. He explored different engineering fields before making his way into design, where he learned the art of 3D modeling, severe stimulation, and machinery testing.

Mr. Turnbull has always enjoyed teaching and was eager to bring dynamic modes of learning to his classroom. His ideas weren’t always accepted, but he kept things running in the background and gradually collected digital funding for bigger projects.

Chris Turnbull
PSM 4.0 industry advisor
and Metropolitan College speaker

We’ve currently got some HoloLens as far as AR is concerned and where we’re using them with dynamics 365 to create guides. There are videos of me on LinkedIn taking you through a whole training program, how it will be used and what we’ve got. We have even started creating some VR training applications for some of our engineers.

He further elaborated on the constant upgrades done on these projects. Mr. Turnbull also runs an AR/VR boot camp where employed and unemployed people come together to add new skills to their CVs for a chance to enter this industry.

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Mr. Turnbull further emphasizes the infancy of this industry and the data available currently. However, he believes that it is essential to promote online learning for AR/VR by hosting online classrooms and boot camps. The current boot camp conducted by his team covers three main areas, including the newly emerging AR technology, ER, and VR. The boot camp also touches on robotic process automation, and Mr. Turnbull clarifies, “We’re going to be doing a lot more with a whole new lens, but also in terms of the VR.”

Moreover, he believes in giving back to the community, especially in our post-COVID times with people struggling to find jobs. Through the boot camp, Mr. Turnbull guarantees all unemployed people an interview at a company that they work with. His team put in efforts to find people relevant jobs and prepare them to excel in the interview.

When asked for some words of wisdom about entering the world of AR/VR, Mr. Turnbull insisted that qualifications and work experience don’t matter as much as your passion. If you’re willing to put in the work, just create your own portfolio and start off!

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