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Meet the First Speaker at Our Next VR Event: Sergei Vardomatski

On December 14th, we will hold an event to discuss how VR can be used for team building purposes, and inspire teams to enhance their creative skills.

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AR/VR News: November Digest

November Digest: AR/VR news. Use cases, industry updates, new hardware and tools on the market.

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How to Avoid Common Pitfalls When Developing a VR Training Project

Sergei Vardomatski, founder and a member of the management board at HQSoftware shares insights and gives actionable advice in his latest article for Forbes Technology Council.

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HQSoftware Holds an AR/VR Expert Panel on the Future of Education

On October 19, 2021, we gathered a group of panelists to discuss how AR/VR solutions are shaping the future of education. The speakers shared their personal views and cases from their professional experience.

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AR/VR News: October Digest

October Digest: AR/VR news. Use cases, industry updates, new hardware and tools on the market.

The Future of Education: Meet the First Speaker on the AR/VR Expert Panel

On October 19th, the Monthly AR/VR Panel Discussions will highlight the role AR/VR can play in training professionals in their respective workplaces. Let’s meet the speakers!

AR/VR digest September

AR/VR News: September Digest

September Digest: AR/VR news. Use cases, industry updates, new hardware and tools on the market.

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Founder of HQSoftware Sergei Vardomatski Joins Forbes Technology Council

Sergei Vardomatski will share his knowledge and immense experience in software development and technology in general with a wider audience using Technology Council as one of his tools.

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AR/VR News: August Digest

August Digest: AR/VR news. Use cases, industry updates, new hardware and tools on the market.

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AR/VR News: July Digest

July Digest: AR/VR news. Use cases, industry updates, new hardware and tools on the market.

HQSoftware Made It to the Top 30 Software Development Companies in NY

HQSoftware Made It to the Top 30 Software Development Companies in NY

HQSoftware was named one of the 30 best software development companies in New York City by a B2B research agency

HQSoftware Awarded as Best E-commerce Developer in NYC

HQSoftware Named Top Ecommerce Website Developer in New York City by, a B2B review and research platform, reached out to us to announce that we’ve been included in the 2021 list of top e-commerce website developers in New York City.

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AR/VR News: June Digest

June Digest: AR/VR news. Use cases, industry updates, new hardware and tools on the market.

April Digest AR/VR news

AR/VR News: May Digest

May Digest: AR/VR news. Use cases, industry updates, new hardware and tools on the market.

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HQSoftware Wins Crown for Belarus’ Best IoT Company on Clutch Awards

Just recently, Clutch, a B2B review and research platform, reached out to us to announce that we’ve been included in the 2021 list of developers that excel in IoT services. During the latest Clutch 2021 Leaders Awards, HQSoftware was crowned as Belarus’ leading IoT firm.

April Digest AR/VR news

AR/VR News: April Digest

April Digest: AR/VR news. Use cases, industry updates, new hardware and tools on the market.

top custom software development company

HQSoftware Named Top Custom Software Development Company

We are happy to announce HQSoftware was named a top custom software development company by SoftwareWorld.

top software development company

HQSoftware is recognized by Techreviewer as a Top Software Development company in 2021

HQSoftware has been named one of the top software developing firms by The list of leaders was compiled based on expertise, experience, quality of services, and reliability of the development companies.


HQSoftware Is a Top IoT App Developer According to Mobile App Daily

HQSoftware was recognized as one of the top IoT software development companies in the recent report from Mobile App Daily.


Inc. 5000 Recognizes HQSoftware as the Fastest-Growing IoT Development Company

For the second year in a row, HQSoftware is one of the most successful companies.


HQSoftware is a Top IoT Developer – The GoodFirms Report

HQSoftware is at the forefront of IoT development services – GoodFirms has named us The Top IoT Company.


HQSoftware Is a Top IoT Developer According to Clutch and GoodFirms

We’re getting more research agencies to recognize HQSoftware as a reliable and experienced company for bringing IoT technology to a wide range of business fields.


Do IT Companies Need Culture Code? An HQSoftware Case Study

Sergei Vardomatski started out in charge of a relatively small company whose offices were housed in a detached home. Now the company’s scale has evolved up to two offices with nearly 100 people employed. This transformation to a middle-size company brought Sergei, the company CEO, and Denis, an external efficiency consultant, together to meet the new challenges the firm was facing.


HQSoftware is recognized by ITFirms and DesignRush as a Top Developer

Two more eminent research agencies have included HQSoftware in the lists of the most reliable and effective development service providers. It is an honor to be acknowledged for our efforts, expertise, and the ability to deliver what clients really want.


HQSoftware Recognized as Industry Leader by Clutch: Top IoT Company

The B2B rating agency Clutch has recognized HQSoftware on a global level as a leader in providing IoT solutions. We are proud to be recognized for our industry expertise.


HQSoftware is 929th Fastest-Growing Private Company in America

We are happy to announce that the HQSoftware team made it to the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies of the USA.


HQSoftware’s Hard-Won Experience Makes it Top Software Development Company at GoodFirms

According to GoodFirms, HQSoftware is a trusted custom software development company delivering complex solutions worldwide.


Let’s Meet at IoT Tech Expo in Berlin!

For the second time in a row, HQSoftware is heading to IoT Tech Expo, the largest European Internet of Things event. This time IoT Tech Expo is taking place June 1-2 in Berlin, Germany and unites over 4,000 attendees from across the globe.


HQSoftware Got Featured in Top 20 Most Promising IoT Vendors by CIOReview

CIOReview, a technology magazine for senior-level industry experts and IT adopters, featured HQSoftware as one of the 20 most promising IoT vendors worldwide in 2017. On this occasion, they interviewed our CTO Vasili Tarasevich to shed more light on the company’s story of carving out a niche in the industrial IoT and smart building markets


HQSoftware Helps Customer Promote Product at Slush 2016

Slush is an annual startup and investor conference held in Helsinki, Finland. This year, it boasted over 15,000 attendees, 2,000 startups, 1,000 investors and 700 journalists. HQSoftware CTO Vasily Tarasevich and Sales Manager Natalia Atamanuk visited Helsinki to help their Finnish partners — Sessio — promote their new mobile product at the conference.


HQSoftware Recognized as a Leading IoT Development Company

Our team has placed a great focus on IoT (Internet of Things) software development. During this year we have delivered a number of projects we can be proud of, took part in numerous conferences and exhibitions, conducted a range of face-to-face meetings with IoT customers. And it is always great when efforts get recognized by colleagues worldwide.


HQSoftware Attends International IoT Event in Finland

We are very excited to announce that HQSoftware will take part in Mindtrek 2016 – 20th International Technology Conference which will take place on October, 17-19 at Tampere, Finland.


Node.js Moves to the Mainstream

Chances are you have come across a website, of late, powered by Node.js.  The server-side JavaScript development framework that is currently responsible for the smooth functioning of such high-profile sites like LinkedIn, e-Bay and PayPal to name a few. According to their website, Node’s goal is “is to provide an easy way to build scalable network programs.”


Strength in Integration: Advertising Innovation

Many forms of advertising have surfaced since the advent of the internet. The forms differ in several dimensions, including the extent of the advertisement’s integration with the editorial content, the stage in the customer’s purchase funnel, the extent of specific targeting and whether the contract is firm, or customer-initiated. So the question is, which online ads are most effective in motivating consumers to buy?


Blackberry, Beyonce & Big Data: Tech Year in Review

2013 was an eventful year for the tech industry. From big data, wearable technology, the internet of things, the cloud storage explosion and many a startup success’ there is much development and much to talk about. The following is a look back at some of the year’s highlights… and lowlights.


BYOD: Risks & Rewards

The influx of personal smartphones and tablets in the workplace poses a series of new queries for IT personnel. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend brings with it a new set of management, security and application delivery challenges. IT admins, the world around, are testing strategies to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of BYOD programs. Risks and rewards of BYOD programs must be balanced to create a mutually beneficial workplace for employees and employers.


The “Cash King” Dethroned

Spending money has never been easier. Unconventional payment options are multiplying rapidly. Consumers and merchants are becoming open to more and more cashless forms of payment. From mobile-activated vending machines to credit card readers at farmer’s markets, the mobile payments movement is in full swing – from futuristic fiction to right-now-reality.


Password or Print?

For most of us, our digital lives are secured by passwords. According to research conducted by Purdue University’s International Center for Biometrics Research, the inherent weakness of passwords is becoming blatantly apparent. Researchers here envision an IT world where passwords are no longer the norm.


Amazon Killed the General Store

In this article we are talking about Amazon reinventing the commerce — and what technology they use to do so.


Logo Logic: Keep it Simple, Stupid

Logos are the most visible part of a company, the brand marque, seal of authentication and quality assurance. The best thing here is to keep it simple.


The Technological Takeоver

According to Uplifted blogger, Todd Davis, the technology industry is primed to dramatically shift the economic sector by taking over gigantic portions of it while simultaneously absorbing traditional businesses and altering the way our lives operate for the better.


How New is Google Helpouts?

Google announced their latest new tool this past Tuesday, October 5th: a tool that intends to give customers instant gratification for any question or issue they may have. This seemingly too-good-to-be-true tool is called Helpouts. A recent blog on Mashable says that Google is expanding its empire from online help to personal help. Instead of seeking answers via a search engine, customers can now talk to an actual person online and over a web camera. But is this anything new?

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