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Augmented and Virtual Reality
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Meet the First Speaker at Our Next VR Event: Sergei Vardomatski

On December 14th, we will hold an event to discuss how VR can be used for team building purposes, and inspire teams to enhance their creative skills.

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AR/VR News: November Digest

November Digest: AR/VR news. Use cases, industry updates, new hardware and tools on the market.

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How to Avoid Common Pitfalls When Developing a VR Training Project

Sergei Vardomatski, founder and a member of the management board at HQSoftware shares insights and gives actionable advice in his latest article for Forbes Technology Council.

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HQSoftware Holds an AR/VR Expert Panel on the Future of Education

On October 19, 2021, we gathered a group of panelists to discuss how AR/VR solutions are shaping the future of education. The speakers shared their personal views and cases from their professional experience.

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AR/VR News: October Digest

October Digest: AR/VR news. Use cases, industry updates, new hardware and tools on the market.

How to Pitch AR Projects to Your Clients

Augmented Reality’s influence on our lives has become too powerful to ignore. Many industries, including entertainment and media, are already successfully implementing AR to boost their growth. Still, applying this advanced technology can be extremely challenging, which may steer some businesses away from dabbling with it.

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VR in Oil and Gas Industry: Key Trends and Use Cases

Companies in the oil and gas field often implement Virtual Reality. In this article, we will examine key trends in the use of VR, use cases for applying immersive technologies, and a success story about how HQSoftware partnered with an oil and gas company.

The Future of Education: Meet the First Speaker on the AR/VR Expert Panel

On October 19th, the Monthly AR/VR Panel Discussions will highlight the role AR/VR can play in training professionals in their respective workplaces. Let’s meet the speakers!

AR/VR digest September

AR/VR News: September Digest

September Digest: AR/VR news. Use cases, industry updates, new hardware and tools on the market.

How AR and VR Improve Customer Journey

The whole world is going digital, and more and more people now prefer online shopping to the exhausting process of wandering through store aisles. Retailers need to keep up with this massive change in consumer behavior.

AR/VR news digest for August banner

AR/VR News: August Digest

August Digest: AR/VR news. Use cases, industry updates, new hardware and tools on the market.

banner real estate software
Internet of Things

Top Real Estate Software Your Teams and Agents Need for 2022

In this article, we’ll take a look at how more advanced technology can enhance the online property shopping experience and make real estate agents’ work more effective.

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AR for the Retail Industry: How a Virtual Fitting Room Improves Sales and Customer Retention

Let’s see how Augmented and Virtual Reality help to bring the offline fitting room experience to the online store.

Banner VR automotive

VR for the Automotive Industry: Trends, Applications, and Costs

Automotive businesses certainly aren’t steering away from immersive technologies such as Virtual Reality. Let’s explore some ways VR is being applied to manufacturing, testing, and selling vehicles.

Banner AR-VR digest july 2021

AR/VR News: July Digest

July Digest: AR/VR news. Use cases, industry updates, new hardware and tools on the market.

VR for Healthcare: How to Build VR Solutions that Save Lives and Educate Better Doctors

Today’s cutting-edge technologies are helping to revolutionize business processes, save resources, and in general build more efficient operations across a broad variety of industries. Healthcare in particular has benefited from its successful adoption of Virtual Reality technologies.

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Using VR for Training: A Full Guide for 2021

Let’s dive into VR for corporate training and see how it helps to make training more effective.

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AR/VR News: June Digest

June Digest: AR/VR news. Use cases, industry updates, new hardware and tools on the market.

How much does it cost to develop AR apps?

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an AR App?

With the rising popularity of AR, more businesses want to implement this technology and reap the benefits of Augmented Reality apps. But how can you budget for AR development when you’re not sure what will affect the cost?

April Digest AR/VR news

AR/VR News: May Digest

May Digest: AR/VR news. Use cases, industry updates, new hardware and tools on the market.

VR Video Conferencing: The Future of Workplace Collaboration

Today we will talk about how businesses can apply VR to their online meetings to increase retention, eliminate distractions, and improve collaboration.


Augmented Reality Changes Manufacturing. Here’s How

Augmented Reality is a trend now. Many companies are trying it out to see what they can do with it. General consumers have had a chance to experience AR with the Pokemon GO game, but in this article, we will cover AR applications to manufacturing — and review some of the benefits.


HQSoftware is Now a Wikitude Premium Partner

Wikitude is a powerful AR Software Development Kit for iOS and Android platforms.


Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality: Getting to Know Them

Anyone plunging into the virtual universe learns quickly that it incorporates a variety of technologies, devices, content types, and so on. Once you decide to implement one of these graphics technologies for your business, it all becomes even more complicated.


How We Developed an AR Business Card

In this article, we will talk about business cards that we use in HQSoftware. If you meet our employees – ask them to show what’s interesting about our cards.

The History of AR and VR: a Timeline of Notable Milestones

Now AR and VR are extremely popular, so let’s follow the path of their development since the beginning.


Augmented World Expo 2018 – Sharing Our Experience

9th annual Augmented World Expo – world’s largest AR and VR conference and expo was held in Santa Clara, California from May, 30 to June, 1. The event gathered 6 000 attendees, 400 speakers and 250 exhibitors, including Unity, HP, NVIDIA, and other eminent technological vendors. Our customer RealityBLU was among them to show the platform BLUairspace developed in collaboration with HQSoftware. Vasil Tarasevich, HQSoftware’s CTO, visited the event as a part of the RealityBLU team.

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