UNDP project Belarus

Torben Pedersen

Torben Pedersen - UNDP project Belarus. I am Torben Pedersen, the owner and lead consultant of LeanPOD ltd. I am 62 and have spent more than 35 years in Software Development and related Consulting services. I was hired to be the project consultant for a large UNDP development program in Belarus.

The objective was to build an Electronic Trade Facility for the clothes and shoe industry in Belarus. After having had different analysis with the stakeholders in Belarus and potential buyers in Europe and the US, a requirement specification was put together with help from the local UNDP team. This was converted into an international tender document and RFP for the software development of the ETF portal. After qualifying 10 companies from all over the world, UNDP and the international consultant decided to award the project to HQSoftware.

We worked closely together with a professional project plan with milestones and a very precise description of deliverables and how to measure and monitor every important step in the process. I was impressed by the communication between the developers, project manager, and management from HQSoftware.

The project was successfully delivered on time and with a 100% approved Site Area Test. This lead to more work and project extension of the ETF portal. I am also happy now to give jobs to HQSoftware from my international network within Internation Printers Network ( ipn-global.com).

I will gladly recommend this company and you are welcome to contact me for more info if needed.

Torben Pedersen, owner of LeanPOD

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