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Internet of Things

Boost Your Farm’s Yields with IoT-Enabled Smart Farming

September 19, 2019 | 
The Internet of Things represents a smarter way of organizing many spheres of our lives. Data-driven technology and automation bring total control over the processes that go on in production facilities, hospitals, offices, schools, and our homes. But there is one sphere sometimes overlooked when we are talking about IoT — agriculture. Let’s see how technology helps farmers refine the production process while ensuring top quality. Read more ...

5 Examples of How IoT Fine-Tunes Business

August 05, 2019 | 
Researchers have proven many times that implementing IoT solutions offers huge benefits for businesses. In this article, we’ll look at five companies that have used IoT to cut costs, improve customer satisfaction, and address quality issues. Read more ...

Boost Your Manufacturing Process with IoT! Here’s What You’ll Get

July 26, 2019 | 
The 4th Industrial Revolution has brought Internet of Things technology to manufacturing. Implementing this technology provides a way for various devices to talk to one another, exchange data, generate valuable insights and create autonomous responses.  Data gathered from IoT-enabled devices can be used to cut costs, streamline the production process, and boost safety in facilities. This is how the data can help. Read more ...

What Are Beacons and How Do They Work

July 16, 2019 | 
Usually, when we refer to Internet of Things technology, we talk about its perks for big industries or personal living spaces. IoT remains an unknown to many regular business customers, serving for the most part in “background activities” such as security and infrastructure.  What if there were a piece of IoT tech that could help even small businesses serve their customers better? Read more ...

Developing an IoT App: Special Skills, IoT Developers Salary and Rates

June 27, 2019 | 
IoT — the Internet of Things — is a collective term used to describe a network of devices, connected to the Internet or each other, or sometimes both. These devices exchange data, send signals, operate other devices, and much more. IoT Developers are specialists capable of building and programming such devices for individual users or for businesses, to fulfill the needs of both parties. Such developers need a vast array of skills to create smart wearables, smart home devices, Industrial IoT appliances, production automation systems, smart city infrastructures, and many more projects. Read more ...