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Software development

Fire Your Dedicated Team! Here Are 5 Reasons To

July 08, 2019 | 
A successful software project is a team effort. And the most essential feature of putting together a productive team is picking people who are not only highly skilled but also team players. In this article, we will consider two questions: What’s the real cost of a bad hire? And: How do you decide whether to let your dedicated development team go? Read more ...

How Much Does It Cost to Make an App?

July 02, 2019 | 
It’s hard to believe that it’s been only 25 years since the first simple mobile app was invented, only 11 years since Apple opened its App Store.  Today, the market is flooded with apps for smartphones, tablets and smart watches — literally there is an app for any aсtivity you can imagine, from accomplishing daily routines like watering your plants, to strange cases like Nothing. This mobile app does absolutely nothing and already has 1 million installs. See what I’m talking about? Read more ...

Why Hire .NET Developers?

June 17, 2019 | 
A company’s success depends on many factors, the most definitive ones being the tools used and the people who work with these tools. Which means it is crucial to know what the best tools are out there and to hire the right people to work successfully with them. Below, we’ll discuss the potential of .NET, one of the most-used software development tools, some case examples, and the nuances of hiring dedicated .NET developers. Read more ...

How To Outsource an Overseas Development Team

May 27, 2019 | 
At some point, you may realize that your in-house skills and knowledge are not enough to accomplish a given task. If you want to start a project in a completely unfamiliar field, sometimes the best choice is to outsource it. With 300 000 jobs being outsourced annually in the USA, there is no need to limit yourself to a company in your own country. Great talent can be found all over the world, so it’s worth expanding the geography of outsourcing companies on your short list. Read more ...

Don't Do These 5 Things When Outsourcing Product Development

May 15, 2019 | 
Unless you’re the rare Swiss knife type of developer — able to design, develop, promote and manage your app all by yourself — you’ll probably be looking to outsource some or all of these functions. Here are some things you’ll want to avoid on your way to success. Read more ...