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Augmented and Virtual Reality

How We Developed an AR Business Card

January 15, 2019 | 
In this article, we will talk about business cards that we use in HQSoftware. If you meet our employee - ask them to show what's interesting about our cards. Read more ...

The History of AR and VR: a Timeline of Notable Milestones

October 08, 2018 | 
In a world full of technology people have come up with the idea to create lifelike visual experiences. From panoramic paintings to immersive virtual realities we have gone a long way towards developing this technological vector. This resulted in two impressive novelties: augmented and virtual reality. Read more ...

Augmented World Expo 2018 - Sharing Our Experience

June 21, 2018 | 
9th annual Augmented World Expo - world's largest AR and VR conference and expo was held in Santa Clara, California from May, 30 to June, 1. The event gathered 6 000 attendees, 400 speakers and 250 exhibitors, including Unity, HP, NVIDIA, and other eminent technological vendors. Our customer RealityBLU was among them to show the platform BLUairspace developed in collaboration with HQSoftware. Vasil Tarasevich, HQSoftware's CTO, visited the event as a part of RealityBLU team. Read more ...