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Being 18+ years in software business our team has accumulated deep knowledge and is glad to share valuable information with you. 

Don't Do These 5 Things When Outsourcing Product Development

May 15, 2019 | 
Unless you’re the rare Swiss knife type of developer — able to design, develop, promote and manage your app all by yourself — you’ll probably be looking to outsource some or all of these functions. Here are some things you’ll want to avoid on your way to success. Read more ...

He Is Building The New Connected Future - Meet Rob van Kranenburg

April 30, 2019 | 
Rob van Kranenburg, interview on Internet of Things and future.
Rob van Kranenburg is the founder of the Internet of Things Council, which is now his key focus. His experience gives him an especially insightful perspective on our “connected future” — a future he is already playing a part in creating. Read more ...

Predictive Maintenance: The Good, The Bad, and The Automated

April 23, 2019 | 
Equipment failure has been a burden on manufacturers’ shoulders for far too long. Never-ending repairs and emergencies have taken away enough of the equipment uptime and production efficiency, lowering profits and draining budgets. But fear no more: The end of failing equipment is nigh. Behold — Predictive Maintenance is here to help you optimize your business. Read more ...

Bringing AI to the Internet of Things as If We Aren’t Afraid of the Judgement Day

April 15, 2019 | 
When you see the pace at which the Internet of Things is growing, it becomes obvious that the future is now. But the speed of change also presents a problem: the more devices that join the IoT, the more data gets pushed out, and processing all that data gets harder. So why not let the machine process the data for itself? By implementing Artificial Intelligence into the IoT, we’re doing just that. Read more ...

How Software Solutions Are Developed: The Entire Process

March 18, 2019 | 
The internal workings of custom software development are complex and most of the time overwhelmed by different activities. There are always lots of people involved, and they hold different positions and roles. To dig deeper into the process of software development, we will examine one of HQSoftware's projects. But first, we will describe the stages of this process and the roles of involved people. Read more ...